Code of Conduct

A huge diversity of marine birds, animals and plants share Pembrokeshire’s coastline with us. Due to the rarity and importance of some of these species, legislation exists to protect them and ensure the conservation of them and the marine environments they inhabit. All cetaceans (dolphins, porpoises and whales), basking sharks, turtles and wild birds are protected by law against intentional taking, killing or injuring. Other animals including seals, and plant life also receive legal protection. Reckless disturbance of cetaceans, wild birds, seals, basking sharks and turtles is also an offence.

The Pembrokeshire Marine Code exists in addition to legislation as a voluntary agreement. The code has been agreed on by all major local wildlife tour boat operators, sub aqua diving organisations, jet ski organisations, sailors and sea kayakers.

At certain times of the year (some areas all year round) there are wildlife habitats which are particularly sensitive to disturbance. These areas and times are clearly marked on maps which you can view by clicking on either the North or South Pembs Images below. If you would like a hard copy of the leaflet, please contact the Activities Liaison Officer (contact details at bottom of page).

Click below to see maps of agreed access restrictions – Purple for North Pembs, Red for the South:

Following the code will ensure that Pembrokeshire’s wildlife is protected and you will also reduce the risk of committing an offence.

Even if the intention is not to directly observe wildlife, any activity we undertake in the marine environment has the potential to cause disturbance. The potential from powered craft and personal water craft are obvious due to noise and manoeuvrability. However other vessels are equally likely to cause as much disturbance. Marine wildlife may not be as aware of the presence of quiet sailing craft and canoes until quite close which can startle. Flapping sail, particularly close to shore presents a flash of colour and loud noises as sails fill.

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Enjoy the environment but respect the wildlife within it. Using local operators familiar with the area for your diving and wildlife expeditions should also increase the value of your experience and ensure that no offences are committed. To report any incidents of wildlife disturbance you can use the following form as a guide.

Incident Report Form
Pembrokeshire Marine Code Policy Working draft.